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Finance Leases and Installment Sales

When its customers seek to acquire machinery and equipment from manufacturers and dealers, Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (SMFLS) purchases the equipment instead and leases it to the customer. This is the most-common leasing transaction. SMFLS deals with a wide array of property including information equipment, industrial machinery and equipment, construction machinery, transportation equipment, commercial facilities, and medical equipment. We provide leasing strategies tailored to the needs of our customers, taking into account for example, how long they plan to use the equipment. For customers that wish to own the property, we offer installment sales. In addition to the Singapore Dollar, we provide support in multiple currencies including the Japanese Yen and US Dollar. We provide our support to a wide range of countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and other ASEAN countries (Cambodia, etc).

Leasebacks/Installment Sales

Leasebacks are contracts that entail SMFLS purchasing machinery and equipment currently owned by a customer and leasing the same asset back to the customer. The customer continues to utilize the asset it sold and is able to procure funds from the sale of the asset.



SMFLS purchases the notes and accounts receivables from customers on a nonrecourse basis. In the event receivables cannot be collected due to cases such as bankruptcy of the original debtor, our customer is not obligated to buy back the receivable, contrary to bill discounting. Factoring allows our customers to hedge credit risk of the original debtor, streamline their balance sheets, improve cash flow, and diversify fund procurement.

Cross-Border transactions

SMFLS offer cross-border leasing and deferred payment purchases to customers' overseas affiliates. We offer diverse options for our customers' overseas affiliates to acquire facilities, allowing them to select contract periods and currencies in accordance with their funding plans.

Transactions denominated in local currencies

SMFLS provides leasing and installment sales transactions denominated in the foreign currency of the region where its overseas affiliate is located. By utilizing our services for new capital investments and also through leasebacks for existing facilities, customers are able to flexibly diversify means for fund procurement. Customers are able to mitigate foreign exchange risk by matching lease payments with the same currency as their revenue streams.

Sales Finance

For manufacturers and dealers, we offer leasing and deferred payment services that address customer needs for sales promotions. Through our marketing networks inside and outside Japan, we support the marketing activities of our customers throughout Japan and overseas.
For the manufactures and trading companies who conduct sales activities to distributors in the ASEAN countries from Singapore, we also provide financial support for their distributors (regardless of whether they are Japanese companies or not). Utilizing our financial services will improve the distributors' cash flow and reduce customers' credit risks associated with sales activities.

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